Relationships end.  Sometimes well, sometimes not so well.  
Regardless of how or why, you will need to stop paying for your client's QBO subscription.  Here are the instructions how to do that.

Remove a company from your wholesale billing

  1. In Quickbooks Online Accountant, click the Gear menu in the upper right of the screen.
  2. From the drop-down menu, under Your Company, select Your Account.
  3. From within the Your Accountant window, scroll down to the Wholesale clients section.
  4. Locate the company you wish to remove from wholesale billing.
  5. From the Actions column drop-down, select Remove from Wholesale.

The Client will then have to add billing information at their end, in order to keep the subscription active.  They will also not receive any of the pricing discounts or promotions that you might have had attached to the file.

Updated: March2017