There will be times when you are perhaps doing a clean up of a file, or where your clients are marking expenses as billable in QuickBooks but that aren't actually billable. It can be a nuisance since QuickBooks will remind them every time they create an invoice that they've got unmilled charges. There are two ways that you can make the expenses unbillable:

  1. Manually - Open up each transaction and unselecting the checkbox for billable. This is realistic if you only have a few.
  2. Automatically - There is an awesome tool that allows you cleanup unbilled charges en masse.
    1. Open your client file (this is an important step, and make sure you have the right file open as it doesn't flag you anywhere else)
    2. Paste this URL into either the same tab, or another tab in the browser -
    3. Enter the Date for which you want all prior expenses to be marked unbillable
    4. Voila - All done :-)

Updated: April 2019