Just so that you can give your clients a heads up when setting up an account, here is a listing of what they can expect when applying for a Plooto account:
They will have to provide:

  1. Their Government Business #
  2. A Void Check
  3. Company address and phone number
  4. Email address of owner(s) who will have approval authority for payments
  5. Owners will be required to provide their Drivers Licence in PDF to Plooto as part of the verification process
Incorporation Documents are no longer required unless you are setting up an International Client.
You have the option of connecting direct to your bank - if you have banking access (use your standard login and password) and the bank will be verified in seconds.
If you do not use the direct connect to your bank but opt to enter your banking information, the client will receive a 1 cent deposit from Plooto, which has a code / reference # on the banking description. This code is required to finalize/verify the set up process.  

Setting expectations in advance is the key to success!

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Created: March2017
Updated: September2017