If you are printing checks from QuickBooks Online, sometimes the fields don't line up perfectly with the pre-printed text on the forms  Well, you do have the ability to move the text that QBO prints on the form.  

Just to let you know, sometimes you have to fiddle with it a little bit and there is some trial and error in getting everything to always line up perfectly. 

The first time you go to your Plus Sign and Print Checks, you will get a screen asking you if you need to align the checks. 
You will get a grid that show up which is misleading, and is seems that you can only align the amount and the date.  But in fact, it aligns the whole check, and shifts everything.

Depending upon the printer you are using, we have seen situations where you need to move the grid in the opposite direction of where you think it needs to be...yes, we know :-)

TIP - As you align, print the test pages on blank pieces of paper and then hold them up in the light over an actual check. It will save you a TON of live check stock.

Updated: July2017