So you are Matching like a Kninja in QBO Bank Feeds and you come across a deposit that has an extra amount for.....let's interest charge on an overdue invoice.

Since you are in the Match Transactions Deposit module think about using the Resolve Difference/Add New Transaction to fix it. So you put in the date, the Payee, Category and the amount and Save. It matches to the bank feed and you are onto matching again....but WAIT!!!!!

Did you know that when you enter deposits this way that they flow into your Sales by Customer Report and flow under Not Specified?

It does flow through the P&L accurately, but if the Sales by Customer Report is one of the reports that your client looks at, it's probably a wise move to enter deposits like this on their own through the actual deposit screen, so they don't cause confusion.


Kninja strikes again!

Updated: July2017