There are times that your client's QBO file is a mess and you want to just start over.  Well, you can sit on hold for an hour with QBO support and get them to do it for you, or you can do it yourself :-)
Beware, this CANNOT be undone, so make sure you REALLY want to do it, before you do.

Here are the steps to purge the company:

  1. Login to the company file for QBO
  2. From QBO company dashboard page replace the word "homepage" in the URL with "purgecompany"
  3. Hit <Enter>

That's it.  You're Done!
Your company file will revert back to the Setup and Questionnaire screens for QBO.

Happy Purging!

Caveat - You can ONLY do this if it's less than 90 days since the database was setup.  If it is outside of the 90 day window, you need to contact Intuit to open it up and then you can purge it.

Updated: Nov2017