QBO is a constantly evolving platform. That can be both good and bad :-)

New features are being introduced all the time, but features are also disappearing.  Sometimes they move, sometimes they are replaced completely, which is tough if you fall in love with something.

Recent Transactions was a feature like that for us.  We loved the ability to look at all of the transactions that were recently posted to a database with a single click.  

The button used to look like this.

Depending on where in the timeline you were with the rollout, it disappeared around December 2016.

But it is still there, just different.

In the top right corner of your screen is a Search bar.

Click inside the box.

There it is!

You will see a listing of all the recent transactions in your database, across all modules.  It works the same way as the old Button above.

You do still have the Recent transaction button from within any of the module screens......For now :-)

Updated: April2017