With so many Intuit promotions going on globally, a lot of professionals are purchasing "shells" of QBO company databases, and then filling them with clients at a later date.  This can be great for your practice, if you are participating in one of the Intuit Marketing initiatives, or if you get amazing pricing on QBO subscriptions, which you then include with your value priced offerings.

We just wanted you to be aware that there is a time limit for these shells to be accessible when doing a QBDT to QBO conversion.  Well, technically there isn't a time limit, there is just a time limit without an Intuit human intervention.

The time limit is 90 days.  You can export a QBDT company into a QBO "Shell" within 60 days of the subscription being active.  After that 60 days, the "shell" company won't appear as an option in your list to convert.  You will need to contact Intuit support for them to re-open the file for you, and you will then be able to export.

So remember to take that into consideration for your timeframes when converting!

Updated: March2017