If you are running the multi currency version of QBO, you already know that there are some limitations to what you can see.  One of the reports that we used to be able to run in QuickBooks Desktop, was the A/P report by currency.  So, if you had both USD and CAD A/P accounts, you could filter to only run one currency.  

That feature doesn't yet exist in QBO and you can't filter by AP account or currency on any of the open AP reports.. (We are hopeful that changes are coming soon).

Here is a current workaround that requires some manual manipulation that requires you to dump into Excel first:

  1. Run the Supplier Balance Detail report
  2. Go to the Customize Menu
  3. Expand Rows/Columns
  4. Then Add more Columns
  5. Bring in the Currency, Foreign Amount and Foreign Open Balance columns
  6. Run the report and export into excel
  7. Filter/Sort by the Currency column and pull out the ones you need.

It's certainly not a perfect fix!  But it should get you the info you need.  If you have a slicker workaround, we'd love to hear it!  Just click on the Submit a Request button at the top of the page.

Updated: May2017