Yes!  And here's how:

(Taken from the Wagepoint website)

ROE Web Authorization

Wagepoint has partnered with Service Canada to provide electronic filing of ROE documents. In order to provide this service, you must authorize Wagepoint to file the ROE via the ROE Web service. This service is included in the Wagepoint pricing. If you don't complete and e-sign the ROE Web Authorization form (which is highly recommended), the ROE is manually completed and emailed to you for a $5 fee.

You will find the authorization form under the COMPANY tab. Hover over the MORE tab and click on ROE AUTHORIZATION. Click on ESIGN NOW icon. This will open an e-form. Review the form and fill in any additional information as needed. Complete the e-sign field and submit. You will receive an email notification once the process is complete. To verify, go back to the ROE Web Authorization area. The ESIGN NOW icon should now read COMPLETED with the "Signed" date beneath it.

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Updated: April2017