There will be times that a pay check has been created outside the Wagepoint system, but you need it entered in order for the year to date numbers to be correct for the employee and all of your government reporting to be correct.  BUT, you don't want to pay them a second time.  Well, you can!
In Wagepoint, you can enter manual checks.  Here's how.
You can either run an Off-cycle payroll to add the cheque immediately, or add it to your next regular payroll.
First you will want to turn off direct deposit so that the pay is recorded but not withdrawn from the company’s bank account. This can be done at either the company or employee level:

Company Level: Click the top right icon > Account Settings > In the company settings box, fourth down, click to toggle NO for Employees Paid by direct deposit. Notice that Taxes remitted for you will be on (YES), so funds will be withdrawn from the company account to pay the payroll taxes on the cheque. You can toggle to NO if needed. Scroll down and click Save Changes

Employee Level: Employee tab > Click the employee’s name > Direct Deposit tab > In Actions column, click the red X. It changes to a green checkmark in a circle, you would click this to turn direct deposit back on when you are done payroll.

Click the Payroll tab.

For off cycle payroll, before you choose your pay group, press the box ADD PAYSTUB memo to the left of next. Here you can make note of the pay period the manual cheque was issued for because you do not have the option to backdate the pay period. This only works if you are entering one manual cheque as the memo is printed on every stub processed.  Tip: For one cheque, it is easiest to toggle all the employee’s pay to NO, and then go back and click YES for the employee who was paid with manual cheque.

Select your paygroup and click next.

Here you would toggle Off Cycle to Yes and verify your Pay Date (pay period dates automatically bump back one day to accommodate your next regular payroll) otherwise continue with your regular payroll.

Complete the payroll process.

*** Remember to switch Direct Deposit back on when you are finished ****

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Updated: June2017