HubDoc - How do I cancel a client from my wholesale account?

Relationships end. It's a fact of life.  Sometimes your client will want to keep their HubDoc account, even though you've been paying for it.
Here are the instructions (from HubDoc) as to how to do that.

To transfer the payment of a Hubdoc account from an accountant/bookkeeper to a client or anyone else, follow these instructions:

Bookkeeper Side:

Remove the client from their 'Billing and Information' page.

  1. Click 'Upgrade and Pricing' and select the client from a list of accounts.
  2. Click 'Downgrade' next to the client's name.

Client Side:

Once the Hubdoc account has been downgraded by the accountant, the client can start paying for their own account. To pay for an account:

  1. Click the 'Upgrades and Pricing' tab.
  2. Add the billing and credit card information and click 'Save'.

Here's a link to the article on HubDoc's site:

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Updated: March2017