The share function on custom reports is a little confusing.  Here are some things that we've learned about Sharing Custom Reports.

  1. The access list doesn't update automatically - If the user doesn't exist in the database when you first create and share the report, they won't see it, because they technically didn't exist.
  2. The report changes don't update automatically - If you've made a change to the report and save, the shared report doesn't automatically update.  You will need to create the share again.
  3. If you create the share again, the users get a second version saved.  The first one isn't overwritten.
  4. You can only share customized reports.  if the report is a out of the box report in QBO, you can't share it so that your client only needs to look under the My Custom Reports section.
  5. You do have the ability to share with no one, share with all, or just share with users within your own firm.

Updated: April2017