Yes you can!!  Here are the steps for you to do that:

It's a feature in the QuickBooks Labs, as it isn't a live feature yet, so step one is to turn it on.  Under the Gear Icon, go to QuickBooks Labs

There is a feature called Import Styles, and Toggle it on.

Now you should see a new menu item under your Gear Icon - > Settings called Custom Form Styles.

Clicking on that will take you into a listing of templates you have set up and you can create new ones from the New Style Button.  They can either be created directly in QBO, or you can import them.

You can also assign a default invoice template to use.

To use the template:

You would do this directly in the invoice as you are creating it.  Along the bottom, choose Customize and you will see the templates you have to choose from.  (You can also set up new templates directly from here).

We don't believe that there is a limit to how many you can have, the most we've had is 5 in a single company, so let us know if you do hit a limit so that we can share with others!

Happy Invoicing!

Updated: Sept2017